Finnish Sauna (Masters Thesis Project, University of Washington)

Whidbey Island, Washington 1999

This project was undertaken as my master’s thesis in architecture at the University of Washington. After spending several months in Finland on the Valle Scholarship studying wood construction and sauna design, I was inspired to design and build my own as my thesis. The intent of the project was to provide a high quality, durable, and innovative model of wood construction. Every detail and piece of wood was carefully thought through to assure breathability and water drainage. Clear western red cedar was used for siding and decking, select structural douglas fir for framing, and stainless steel for hardware and fasteners. Lexan plastic was used for the roof and I imported Finnish wood fiber insulation and a wood-fired sauna stove.

The footprint of the building is 10’ x 24’ and includes the enclosed, insulated sauna and a covered deck/changing area. The building is demountable and was on exhibit at the university before being shipped and reerected on Whidbey Island for a private client.