Residence: Hawaii

Kona, Hawaii 2005-2008

This house in Kona on the big Island of Hawaii was recently completed. The project fuses the Hawaiian vernacular traditions of basalt masonry with the light wood customs of floating roofs, wood sun trellises, and the covered outdoor space, or Lanaii. Lava masonry walls are ubiquitous around the island and are made from the local black basalt lava flows, or A’A, that have created all the Hawaiian Islands. I used a modern interpretation of these walls: site-cast monumental concrete walls using a black-pigmented concrete with basalt aggregate. These walls are meant to grow out of the basalt, anchor the site and create a private courtyard within the restrains of a suburban infill lot. The open floor plan allows large expanses of glass to capture views of the beautiful coastline and lush vegetation. Light wood elements provide sun protection and privacy for abundant outdoor living. While the language is modern, the site gestures, attention to regional tradition and detail, make this house unique to its site in Hawaii.

Photos: Chad Kirkpatrick