Residence: Portland

Portland, Oregon 2007-2008

The house is nestled into an infill lot in inner city Portland, on the slope of an extinct volcano, Mt. Tabor. The design strategy was to capture the commanding views of Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, and the entire Cascade Range to the east, while adhering to the tight constraints of a narrow and sloping lot. The lot itself was an old play court for a neighboring ranch house and had existing stonewalls and terraces which the home carefully incorporates into the design. While the house adheres to Modernist design principals of abundant open space and natural light, the project celebrates and features regional Northwest woods. Clad in a dark-stained knotty cedar, the exterior evokes a weathered bark, and blends into a stand of old-growth fir trees behind the house. Erosions into the shell evoke saw-cuts into the interior of a tree. Delicate exposed Douglas Fir framing in the interior showcases a two-story vertical window wall and a floating wood loft and stair.

Photos: 01-02 Bob Zaikowski, 03-04 Chad Kirkpatrick, 05 Christian Columbres, 06 8-12 Christie Hazen, 07 13 Tim LaBarge